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List of Works

Bent Cogs, Loose Screws 

for ensemble of flute, bass clarinet, horn, trumpet, percussion, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass (2015)



for soprano, percussion, piano, electric guitar, violin and electronics (2014)

(instrumentation is flexible)


Metal Clay

for percussion duo (2014)


Fractured Moulds, Scattered Signals

for perc. x 2, trumpet, piano, bass guitar, voice, synthesizer x 2, violin (2014)


Wood, Metal

for oboe, sop. sax, perc. x 2, piano, d.bass (2013)


Zeta Potential

for large ensemble (2012)


Loom II: Chartless Rudderless Night

electroacoustic composition written with Alessandro Altavilla; for Claire Pençak’s installation Loom II: Chartless Rudderless Night (2012)


Hide and Seek

for piano duo (2012)



for piano quartet (2012)



for small ensemble (2012)


Red Charango

for charango (2011)



for string trio (2011)



for chamber orchestra (2011)



for piano quartet (2010)


In the Loop                                                  

for tenor saxophone and bass trombone (2010)



graphic score rhythm-games for undetermined instrumentation (2010-2011)



for violin and piano (2009)



for six pianos (2008)



for female voice and chamber orchestra (2008)


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