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Metal Clay

 (2014)   for percussion duo

Metal Clay consists of a series of games for percussion duo, which are shaped by cooperative-competitive musicianship. This piece was composed for percussionists Renzo Spiteri and Michael Speers, who also took part in a series of workshops I led between October – December 2013 at LSO St Luke’s. Several ideas in this modular piece originate from children’s clapping games in which a pair collectively aims to build patterns and maintain concentration, whilst also striving to challenge one another. During Metal Clay, the percussionists depend on each other to sustain rhythmic coordination, yet the performers also provoke each other in playful exchanges. This involves interdependent cueing systems in which the roles of ‘cued’ and ‘cuer’ are negotiated by the players.

Metal Clay was premiered on 28 June 2014 at LSO St Luke’s, London.

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