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cyclical graphic scores  

Cogs 3-4

These cyclical scores focus on players’ negotiations of rhythmic relationships during improvisation, or in graphically-framed compositions. This strategy incites players to push and pull the speed of their motion around the scores, in which the graphics can be imagined as malleable; duration is relative to the speed of motion negotiated by players during performance. A  change in the speed of one part requires the rest of the group to reconfigure their actions to realign the graphic layout, encouraging playful back-and-forth rhythmic interaction.

Cogs 1-2

Cogs can be used for any instrumental combination, and have been used as a springboard for improvisations, as well as being incorporated into compositions such as Fractured Moulds, Scattered Signals and Clutch

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to try playing with these scores!



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